Maybe you've heard the tallest building in Wyoming is a twelve story dorm at University of Wyoming. It’s just that the tallest building from its ground is not in Laramie, and it’s actually 24 stories, as The Jim Bridger Power Plant in Sweetwater County, according to "Wyoming Almanac."

Just the other day someone asked about the tallest building in Wyoming. Someone was just poking fun at The Cowboy State’s lack of need for a real tall anything. With one search, though, we found a wacky thread of Laramie alums remembering their days at McIntyre Hall, and the elevator prone to failing. (If you lived top level, the stairs a dozen floors in over 7,000 feet altitude nearly killed healthy college kids.)

Just so you’re ready in case it ever comes up, the 5 tallest in Cheyenne:

1. Wyoming State Capitol, tallest since the late 1880s, now domes to 146 feet

2. Wyoming Financial Center, 134 feet at 2020 Carey Avenue

3. Burke Senior Center, 110 feet at 1331 Thomas Avenue

4. Joseph C. Mahoney Federal Building, 99 feet at 2120 Capitol Avenue

5 Cheyenne Regional Medical Center - Patient Tower at 214 East 23rd St

(The Patient Tower is actually tied with the 85 feet Main Tower, as well as The Bank of the West Building, also 85 feet at 1800 Carey Avenue.)