Halloween is one of those holidays in particular where there are a lot of people out and about so it's more important especially if you live in a residential neighborhood to keep your pets safe.

First off if you own a black cat just try to keep it in as much as possible and for sure on the night of Halloween and as it is better to be safe then sorry.

Other great tips:

  1. Even if you have a gated yard, some pranksters are in it for opening gates and seeing someones precious pet run away. Why? I have no idea. If you have to have them out there stay with them or keep them on a leash for safety.
  2. Keep human treats out of reach. Chances are it's full of sugar and chocolate, both of which are not good for the animals.
  3. If you have skiddish and pets that don't listen when called. Keep them away from the door at all costs. As many times as you open and close it for trick-or-treaters you are going to want to.
  4. Decorative pumpkins and corn can cause issues too with the ones who devour everything!
  5. In-case your pet does get lost make sure they have proper identification on at all times.

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