These days, Travis Denning has heard his debut single, "David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs," on the radio plenty of times. Back at the beginning of the song's tenure at country radio, however, Denning got tricked into hearing the song over the airwaves for the very first time.

Below, in his own words, the singer recounts the story of that day, and explains why it's even more exciting for him to hear his songs on the radio when he's far away from his hometown.

I was actually in Norfolk, Va., and I was about to play [the music venue] the NorVa with Chase Rice. And Damon Moberly [vice president of promotion at my record label, Mercury Records Nashville] had kind of tricked me, and he said we were going to do a [phone interview] in the car.

He'd been holding his phone, like he was waiting on the phone call, and I didn't realize he was filming it. And Mark McKay, who used to be the [program director] in Norfolk, played it for the first time ever on there. It was awesome.

It's still awesome. We were in Utah playing a show, and I heard [my second single] "After a Few" the other day. It's also just awesome when you hear it [somewhere] that's just nowhere near your hometown. That's when you're like, "Damn, we're reaching. We're doing this thing." That's just the coolest thing.

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