The Nunn Brothers, Garrett and Colter, two students from Laramie will be competing in a national competition on Sunday July 15th.

Garrett, has been competing since he was in 8th grade.  In that time, he has placed top 10 at the National Final, while the two previous years he came in 3rd in the nation. Garrett has also received scholarships for a college of his choice from the NHSRA for his success in the Nationals.

Colter, for the past two years as a 7th and 8th grader, has qualified as a top shooter in Wyoming.  Now competing on a high school level, he finished as a reserve champion behind his brother. Colter was named the National Reserve Champion Light Rifle Shooter in 7th grade, then in 8th grade he became the Light Rifle World Champion at the NJHFR.  He has also earned scholarships for his winnings.

The Light Rifle competition has shooters use .22 Rifles.  The competitors have to shoot at a target 50 yards away from three different positions, prone, offhand and kneeling.  Each shooter has 12 shots at each target and can earn a total of 360.  The National High School Finals Rodeo Light Rifle competition involves more than just the United States, also Canada, Australia and Mexico.