A new video shows how tourists become "tourons". This kind of genius doesn't happen overnight. It's a person who decided it would be wise to feed bread to a bear.

Here's how they described the situation:

Living in the Northwoods we have bears around often. It had gotten rather tame from stealing our garbage and deer/bird feed. So we tried something rather silly and it worked.

Actually this isn't how it works. Bears don't "get tame". In their defense, it appears that this bear was endangered already. Normally when fish and game departments find bears that commonly get comfortably near humans, it doesn't end well for the bear.

These naïve people aren't helping. If the bear thinks he's getting bread regularly, expect him/her on your doorstep again soon. Oh, and you might not get to keep your arm next time.

Sadly, it's this mentality that we too often see among visitors in Yellowstone. This person appears to be preparing for the trip.

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