Would you like to know the salary of newly sworn in Cheyenne Mayor, Marian Orr? For a former lobbyist with the state legislature, you might guess it could be a pay cut. No one pried quite that deep when talking to City of Cheyenne Spokesman, Scott Smith, who said Orr starts at, “About $95,000 per year.”

Obviously, the Mayor of the Capitol City makes more than most other mayors in the state. Their average yearly pay is $49,494 - $74,241, according to salarygenious.com, which also mentions 49 percent of mayors are male in Wyoming, and 51 percent are female.

That might be a surprise to Cheyenne citizens, since they've never had a female mayor until now. Otherwise, 51 percent female mayors might be another reason we're also called, "The Equality State."

As you might expect, with no Wyoming town population above 60,000, the mayor of a major U.S. city makes still significantly more. Denver mayor, Michael Hancock, makes $155,211 per year. In the 1986 Denver Broncos Super Bowl season, however, Michael was the Broncos' mascot, "Huddles," making $25 an hour.