Dinosaurs will always be popular in Wyoming as Pixar's The Good Dinosaur is Wyoming's favorite Pixar movie, according to PopCulture.

With Toy Story 4 hitting the theaters, Cabletv.com used Google trends to find out each states favorite Pixar film. It seems like Wyoming is the only state in the country that likes The Good Dinosaur the most. The most popular Pixar film across the country is Up. The 2009 classic stole the hearts of 17 different states. Coming in as the second most favorite Pixar film is Brave, then followed by Finding Dory.

The Good Dinosaur is about a dinosaur who lost his father and now has to find his way in the world. He tackles trials and tribulations throughout the whole film, ending with Arlo (The Good Dinosaur) being accepted by a new family.

Some of the other favorite Pixar movies are Cars (1,2,3), The Incredibles, and Inside Out.

What is your favorite Pixar film?