Well coming up after Halloween people will be getting rid of all the carved and decorative pumpkins. What can you do with them instead of just throwing them away?

There are two different kinds of pumpkins to me, baking pumpkins and then the big ones. Of course with the baking ones that you may be using as decorations can be used for actual baking. From cookies to pies to whatever you desire pumpkin.

Something that really came to mind for those carved pumpkins and the ones that start wilting that you can do an easily find. Anyone you know or someone you know knows that raises chickens or turkeys? Pumpkin can be a great addition to compost or random vegetables that you feed them. Plus you may be gifted some delicious fresh eggs.

Or donating to any farmers, chances are if they don't have animals they feed it too they garden or use it elsewhere.

Other great tips:

  1. Make a pumpkin mask! You can find a great recipe here.
  2. Make a pumpkin candle! Creative and useful. Coit.com did a blog on this and this idea is worth sharing.
  3. Feed the wildlife, deer and birds love this stuff!


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