Where Is The Longest Bridge In The State of Wyoming? I mean I'm still asking because the answer is tough to find, but here are a couple of really fabulous answers.

Check out the Dale Creek Crossing Bridge. It was originally all wood, but spanned a whole 720 feet .The first train crossed the Dale Creek Bridge on the Union Pacific Railroad on April 23, 1868. Wow, we only had steam engines pushing locomotives at the time. In the longest category, Dale Creek was our first hands down winner, and the longest bridge on the entire UP Railroad, but it was still early in our bridge history.

The first Snake River Bridge between Jackson and Wilson was built in 1915. The ferry just got too slow since we had the combustion engine. Over the years there would be bigger, better and longer versions of the The Wilson Bridge. The last saw construction start in 1958 and finish in 1960 at a total length of 884 feet.