Tuesday, April 1 is not only the start of a new month, it could be a day of office pranks.  Who's the prankster in your office?

Let's face it...when you think you can slide by this day unscathed, without fail, someone in the office will go to great lengths to pull off the best office prank. Cubicles covered in aluminum foil or post-it notes, office supplies super glued to the desk. I've even heard of an office being completely filled with Styrofoam popcorn!

However, there have been a few office pranks that have gone awry, including a woman who thought it would be funny to call her boyfriend telling him that she's hiding under the desk because a gunman had entered their office.  The police and SWAT teams that her boyfriend called to the scene weren't laughing that much when they arrived and realized it was a prank, nor did the girlfriend laugh when they charged her with falsifying information!

What's the worst April Fools joke you ever seen pulled, or pulled yourself?