After nearly 20 years acting, Taylor Sheridan has written movies - "Sicario" and "Hell or High Water" – and now for the first time, he will direct a story of his own, "Wind River." It's been long awaited in Wyoming, set in Wyoming and in theaters this weekend. We already know this is a thriller. If you get the feeling Sheridan likes dark stories, he recently confirmed it.

He wanted to direct the "Wind River" because he didn’t want it done by someone who didn't have his same vision for it. He's is a resident of the Cowboy State. He made promises to the native community on how it would be made. Taylor wanted to be able to keep those promises.

Sheridan recently spoke to Rotten Tomatoes to give his Five Favorite Films. Since that is such a great question, we thought we'd share his answers. They just might be very telling of what kind of movie we’ll get. His favorites include "The Unforgiven," "In The Heat of the Night," "The Insider" and others known for the simplicity and character development.

Of course, you’ve noticed none of those are exactly cheery. No doubt that is the first sense you get about a Taylor Sheridan movie.

This past May we got the first Wind River trailer and posted it here. Now round two.