Next year there won’t be any more public access to Loveland’s Lonetree Reservoir. After a long held lease expired lease, a private entity outbid Colorado Parks and Wildlife to take control of the area.

Figuring Wyoming might be watching and worrying, we asked, “Do Wyoming hunters and fishers see public land ever being lost here?” Some 60 percent might rather see an even more comfortable margin, but basically the results are 60/40 over those who believe that one day it will happen.

Rights to the Colorado property will belong to an unidentified high bidder as of July 2018. The CPW had tried to negotiate a new 20-year lease. They just couldn’t compete on a constrained budget. We could ask why the state left them to be out bid at all. We could ask a dozen questions and get even more answers. This just looks like bureaucracy, and no one ever makes any sense out of that.

Wyoming’s open spaces and land works in favor of the Cowboy State’s hunters and fishers: We have a vastly higher volume of land period. We have less population to over-crowd it. We don't have way over-valued land as does Colorado.

It’s nice to see more of us don’t think it ever will happen here:

Yes, it will happen, if not sooner, eventually. … 39.39 Percent

No, it never will happen in Wyo. … 60.61 Percent