actually works.  A lot of people are skeptical about dating websites and apps, but nowadays that's how a lot of people meet these days. We found a story of one couples amazing journey through Farmer's Only.

Back in 2016, Jacob, from Spalding, Nebraska came across Kali, from Gillette, Wyoming on   Kali retold the story to Farmers Only, here's how it went.  Only after two weeks of being on the website, the two found each other.  She knew that in Gillette there were no farmers for her since it is a coal mining town.  Jacob comes from 4 generations of farmers.  Spalding has a population of fewer than 500 residents, he wasn't much luck either.  The two talked for two weeks and Kali felt comfortable enough to drive 8 hours to finally meet her farmer.  That first weekend was big for the couple, as she not only helped on the farm but she met his parents as well.  Eight months of traveling back and forth were enough for Kali as she decided to move to Nebraska.  Jacob proposed on August 14th, 2016 and they got married on July 15th, 2017.  If that wasn't enough, a month before the wedding, the couple found out they were be having a baby.  Kali exclaims that she couldn't be happier and she owes everything to

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