Josh Allen, the Buffalo Bills rookie may not be starting this Sunday but he is starting to make himself comfortable in the community.

In Western New York, 15 lucky kids got to go on a school shopping spree to Dick's Sporting Goods with former UW alum Josh Allen.  The students received a backpack, lunchbox, $125 gift card to Dick's and to hang out with Josh for the day.  Damien Degroat , 10 years old, who is a huge fan of Josh, took him by the hand and the shopping spree started. Damien took Josh straight to the jerseys and workout equipment.

"Awesome, I'm definitely wearing this to school, and I'm definitely bringing this lunch box and water bottle to school," Damien said.

"Education is very key and I'm glad I could play a part in it,"  Allen said. "For them to come out here and want to grab my jersey, put it on, have me sign it, it's definitely a surreal feeling because I've been in their shoes going back to school and wanting to have something to wear to school like that. It's really cool."