A brand new ranking of the most under-rated towns in the Rocky Mountain Region includes only one from The Cowboy State. There clearly are more great towns here.

We know Wyoming is, alone, is a very vast state, but before mentioning what to like about just Laramie, thrillist.com explained, “America’s least populated state isn’t exactly known for its cities …”

Well, thanks, but anywhere in the country, the next two words said after Cheyenne can be Frontier Days. It’s also not just here that we pretty well know places like Jackson Hole, for the consistently ranked best skiing in America. It’s also where pretty people go about their business, only in our version of Aspen, the scenery is more gloriously pretty, next to the Tetons. Need I go on?

Not known for our cities? Nice try! Whatever they (don’t) know about Wyoming, we’ll take it from here, and do it in alphabetical order. Here are 5 great destinations that are totally cool for underrated.

1. CODY is at “Yellowstone’s Edge,” with plenty of history that isn’t all just about Buffalo Bill, though it was named after him, and in all the west, is one of the best museums honoring William Frederick Cody. See also Hotel Irma, and Shoshone River, and beauty everywhere you look.

2. LANDER has another look that's no less beautiful, seven minutes from Sinks Canyon State Park. Numerous annual events keep you busy, like Pioneer Days Rodeo and Parade (July). Lander’s scenery has a special beauty all of its own. Some places make it hard to keep driving up to the speed limit.


3. SARATOGA had a population of 1,690 in 2010, but it is home to the Steinley Cup microbrew competition (August) held at Veterans Island Park, a playground and picnic on a small island in the North Platte River. The town's motto is, "Where The Trout Leap In Main Street."

4. SHERIDAN is a cool town at the base of The Big Horns. It’s also on the North Platte. Swim in summer and ski in winter. Host of the world renowned Ice Fishing Derby at Saratoga Lake, and Wyoming renown Black Tooth Brewery – not the only great brewer in Sheridan.

(Courtesy of Sheridan County)

5. THERMOPOLIS is Greek for “Hot City,” also special for the smell of sulphur from Hot Springs Park. Another “Gateway to Yellowstone,” Sheridan is also known as home to The Wyoming Dinosaur Center, and a blue ribbon trout stream, Big Horn River.