Wyoming's unemployment rate rose slightly from 3.7% in April to 3.8% in May according to the Research and Planning Section of the Department of Workforce Services.

Senior economist David Bullard says the increase is not a statistically significant change. He adds Wyoming’s unemployment rate remained much lower than its May 2013 level of 4.6%, and significantly lower than the current U.S. unemployment rate of 6.3%.

Bullard says most county unemployment rates increased marginally from April to May. He adds It is normal to see some fluctuations in unemployment rates and sometimes unemployment increases in May as young people leave school and join the labor force.

Converse County reported the lowest unemployment rate in May (2.8%). It was followed by Sublette (2.9%), Campbell (2.9%), and Niobrara (3.1%) counties. The highest unemployment rates were found in Teton (5.7%), Lincoln (5.0%), Fremont (4.8%), and Johnson (4.8%) counties.