This is almost right out of a Pace picante sauce commercial. New sheriff Stephen Haskell in Sublette County, Wyoming has mandated a new dress code.

The new sheriff said that there was a rainbow of colors and different clothing and wanted a mandated clothing rule. So he told all of the deputies they had to wear, black slacks, tan shirts and a black ball cap. No more western shirts, boots and cowboy hats. Apparently the new sheriff doesn't know his county is in Wyoming where the code of the west has been honored and celebrated for hundreds of years.

This led to the resignation of 28 year deputy Gene Bryson. Bryson who is 70 years old says he's had a cowboy hat on all his life. Bryson reflects the western way of life and celebrates it, thus prompting his resignation and refusal to adhere to the new dress standards. Sheriff Haskell says cowboy hats blow all over the place and you slip on ice and snow in boots.

A sheriff in Wyoming should look like the west and not a Rhode Island sheriff. Would John Wayne take off his hat and boots for some city slicker duds, I think not.