Going through two incidents with an iPhone in two weeks and having to use an old one was has been a bit rough. You get use to the every day  use of a smart phone that allows ease, quickness and accessibility.

I had an issue with dipping my phone in the water when I dropped my rod and reel in the Clearwater River, but then I fixed it but not a week later while attending a Halloween party my phone went missing. Again an issue with my phone. Of course I am thinking I am a total ditz or maybe someone picked up my phone and put it somewhere and would return it.

The house the party was at is on the bigger side and there was quite a few people there. I never thought this is where it would be or to look. The plant guy that takes care of the plants found it inside one of the plants... yes that's how good I am or maybe someone picked it up and realized it wasn't theirs and set it down. In a plant? Thanks to the "plant guy"! I am just glad he didn't water it first.

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